Nuclear Bone Scan

Equine Nuclear Bone Scintigraphy

A nuclear bone scan, also called scintigraphy, is another diagnostic tool that your veterinarian can recommend for subtle neurological cases that have performance issues.

The Nuclear bone scan can be done to help better evaluate when other potential lameness problems, such as high suspensory disease, might occur and display with increased stumbling.

In addition, some maturing horses get facet arthrosis, commonly called enlarged facets, which may not show up on radiographs but will show up on a nuclear bone scan.

Older horses may also have joint disease in the cervical spine (neck region) from OCD (osteochondritis disease), and other joints as well, including stifles, hocks, fetlocks, and shoulders, can be involved.

A Nuclear bone scan can be used as a complete diagnostic tool to fully evaluate your horse for the proper treatment in addition to a neurologic examination, standing radiographs, myelogram, and CSF lab testing.