Ride & Tie 2011 Championship

41st Annual World Ride & Tie Championship

This year the 2011 Ride & Tie World Championship was held at Humboldt Redwoods State Park, CA.

Dr Barrie Grant and his daughter Aubyn Gominiak entered along with their horse, Ron G. Byron Grant, Barrie's brother and Billie-Jo Grant, Barrie's niece with their horse Fast Eddie also participated.

22 teams headed off running, walking and riding on the 35 mile course. The course consisted of 3, 11 plus mile loops through the meadows and redwoods of Humboldt.

Barrie and Aubyn placed 5th.There were two vet checks after each of the first two 11 mile loops. The horse must meet certain pulse criteria before they can continue the race. Through out the vet checks Ron G had a fast recovery. Due to being in excellent shape Ron G received "best conditioned horse" out of all the horses. Ron G was named in honor after Barrie's father Ronald Grant.

The pit crew at the vet checks consisted of Vaughan Grant (Barrie's wife), Mary Ann Grant (Billie- Jo's mother), Jack Gominiak (Aubyn husband), and their sons, Jackie and Joey Gominiak. The pit crew kept everyone in water and refreshed.

Byron, Billie-Jo and Fast Eddie finished an impressive 13th, especially since Byron does not run but walks faster than a lot of people run!

The Grants have been doing Ride n Tie's since 1978. in October 2010, Barrie and Aubyn competed in the Cuyamaca Ride & Tie which is 30 miles in one day. They came in third at this race.

Barrie has also run the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Race, commonly known as the Tevis cup. The Tevis cup is a grueling race where you must complete a 100 miles in 24 hours. You can either run the race or ride a horse. This ultramarathon race climbs a cumulative total of 18.090 feet and descend a total of 22,970 feet. Aubyn is following in her's fathers foot steps running ultramarathons.

Keep posted for more updates on the Grants races and rides in the future.